SINCE 2009…

Since launching our first trip in 2009, we have welcomed more than 22,000 participants from 34 countries in partnership with more than 378 partner organizations, while impacting more than 40,000 children.

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A Message to our Partners and Supporters

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“For more than a decade, Momentum has worked to empower women to lead change by connecting them to Jewish values that transform ourselves, our lives, and our world.”

— Debbie Hochberg

For Momentum, 2022 was the year we revealed what it means to inspire women across the world – from in-person to online, and from captivating journeys to inspirational, ongoing learning. When the pandemic called on Momentum to pivot, we responded with powerful new programming – and now, those new offerings are woven into the everyday fabric of Momentum. Today, we reach women whenever and wherever they are – elevating Jewish life daily and for generations to come.

The MOMentum Yearlong Journey and our trips to Israel were back in full force this year. We welcomed more than 2,500 women and men from 24 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Uruguay, and Poland, in partnership with 147 Partner Organizations – including 51 New Partner Organizations to the Momentum family. During a time of great uncertainty, Momentum brought Russian-speaking women to Israel from countries that included Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, and Estonia. For many, the journey to Israel took much effort – and was worth it. Once in Israel, this amazing group of mothers made headlines, recharging their souls and fostering unity without uniformity like never before.

Our Momentum Specialty Trips touched hundreds of souls, with our first-ever trip for Maccabi Moms bringing mothers of Jewish athletes to Israel. We also invited Mothers of Lone Soldiers to explore the country their courageous children serve and call home, while forging deep bonds with their Israeli “mothers in arms.” At Momentum Retreats in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Jerusalem, women engaged every sense while soaking up meaningful Jewish values close to home.

In 2022, we expanded our digital reach and fulfilled a longtime dream with the launch of Yomm: A Social Network connecting Jewish women around the world. On the Yomm App, women embark on a journey of discovery and growth – exploring Jewish wisdom with interactive exercises that prompt reflection, conversations, and connection with Jewish women around the world.

In Momentum Circles, women brought our people’s language to life, and thousands continued to tune into our top-rated Momentum Podcasts.

While we hear beautiful stories of how Momentum has transformed women’s lives every day – and have the success metrics to prove our impact as well – there was no greater affirmation than seeing our community come out in droves to support this year’s crowdfunding campaign #ShareTheSpark, which captured how Momentum has inspired change for thousands of families, raised $1.2 million in just 36 hours – more than ever before.

Thank you for helping us empower Jewish women across the world to lead the lives of meaning, passion, and action they only dreamed of. It is because of you that we are lifting Jewish families and making the world a better, brighter place.

Lori Palatnik

Founding Director

Debbie Hochberg

President of the Board

Ben Pery

Chief Executive Officer


This moment is not just about celebrating our past accomplishments – we’re looking toward the future of Momentum. In June 2022, we developed our first long-term strategic plan outlining our key strategic priorities of partnership, leadership, and sustainability. Momentum is poised to be stronger than ever before, thanks to the talent of our dynamic leadership and team; the generosity of our passionate and influential partners, participants, and benefactors; and the power of our expanded ecosystem of program offerings and experiences.

We have big, bold, and exciting plans ahead of us to take our impact even further.


We’re doubling the number of MOMentum Yearlong Journey participants – taking 15,000 women over the next three years – by expanding our global network of Partner Organizations.


Through our leadership development work with Community Leaders around the globe, Momentum plans to exponentially boost its impact – from the individual to their families, communities, and beyond.


An effective business model with infrastructure that includes long-term resource generation is currently in the works.