Board of Directors

As we prepared this year’s Impact Report to share with our Momentum community, we asked each board member to share their insights on how Momentum is inspiring global change through our mission and our work.

Debbie Hochberg

Board President
"Momentum gives the gift of wisdom, experience, and confidence to mothers all around the world. Momentum has proven its unique ability to make Jewish values accessible and relevant, connect women to Israel, and inspire participants to take action and get involved in their communities. This in turn is fueling a global movement that will strengthen the Jewish people and Israel today and for generations to come."

Helen Zalik

Immediate Past Board President
"I am amazed by the impact Momentum has on communities around the world, and I am so grateful for the meaningful connections I have with Jewish women around the world because of Momentum. Global change starts within each family, and knowing that we are all raising our families through the lens of shared and cherished Jewish values inspires me every day."

Manette Mayberg

VP of Institutional Advancement,
Past Board President,
Co-Founder UTAH8
"As a co-founder of Momentum in 2008, I have watched a grassroots movement evolve into a powerful force for change. I am often told, "You can never measure the full impact of Momentum because it will span future generations." In a short time, tens of thousands of families have been affected by learning how Jewish values are relevant to our lives, the importance of a strong connection with Israel, and our responsibility to engage in our Jewish communities. I am excited to support Momentum's exponential growth as we continue to impact Jewish women and their families in the coming decade."

Rachel Chafetz

Vice President
"Momentum inspires Jewish mothers all over the world to rediscover their inner strength, reignite their inner passion, and reimagine their inner truth. A recharged mother can make a difference that goes far beyond herself; she can significantly impact those around her. She can change the world!"

Connie Lindenaeur

"Momentum is inspiring global change by creating a platform for women to come together and share their stories and experiences. We are also working to create a more inclusive and diverse Jewish community by connecting Jewish women around the world and celebrating the unique perspectives each brings."

Rivka Kidron

"Momentum is more than a trip — it's a way of connecting the Jewish people across space and time. People from across the globe come together in Israel to discover themselves, experience our homeland, and leave refreshed and connected to one another in a new way."

Cindy Zitelman

Past Board President,
Co-Founder UTAH8
"I have been fortunate to be involved with Momentum from its inception. Now, a day doesn’t go by where I don’t see or hear the impact of Momentum, whether it’s through Momentum's online programming, or by meeting someone who has been on a Momentum Trip to Israel. In my own community I have seen participants return home inspired to get involved in their synagogues, JCCs, Federations, and more."

Michelle Leader

Co-Founder UTAH8
"Momentum is inspiring global change through passion, perseverance, truth, determination, and faithfulness. The organization is constantly moving forward in its mission to change the world with hope, courage, fearlessness, and commitment. I know that the continuum we have created – empowering Jewish mothers and fathers who, in turn, revitalize their families and communities – will bring about lasting global change."

Andrea Shlipak Mail

Past Board President
"I have experienced Momentum's powerful ability to connect Jewish women in my own life. Our 21-year-old daughter Zoe recently spent her junior year studying in Madrid, Spain. An active Jewish leader at Tulane, Zoe asked for ideas where she could spend the High Holidays. I connected her to Momentum Spain's founder, Judith Cohen – and the Cohen family embraced Zoe without hesitation! Zoe became close with Judith's daughter, and intends to keep in touch. L'Dor V'Dor."

Betty Grinstein

Board Member
"Momentum is a unifier in a time of divisions. We need Momentum more than ever before."

Jeff Singer

Board Member
"By connecting Jews to Israel and to Jewish wisdom, we build something that creates lasting impact through connectedness. That connectedness sparks something in one person, who shares it with another person. This continues to grow – from small group, to community, to country, and finally, across the globe."

Stacey Fisher

Board Member
"Momentum has been a breath of fresh air, infusing a love of Judaism and Israel among a worldwide network of women by focusing on what unites us instead of what divides us."

Cheryl Leon

Board Member
"We create impact by reaching out to the world, inspiring the Jewish people, and nurturing a lifelong sisterhood of empowered Jewish women."

Lori Palatnik

Ex Officio,
Founding Director,
Co-Founder UTAH8
"Momentum now has a global impact. We bring together hundreds of Partner Organizations from around the world and across the Jewish spectrum, all united in their desire to empower Jewish women to change the world through the values we share. Momentum has created a platform where female Jewish leaders throughout the world can rise and inspire other women in their communities to become leaders in their own right. Everyone knows that the Jewish mother is the strongest influencer, and yet in terms of ongoing education, engagement, and inspiration, she has been the most underserved – until now. Momentum is dedicated to influencing the influencer."

Sheryl Hartman

Ex Officio,
Canada Liaison
"Momentum continues to inspire thousands of women around the globe. Women come together as sisters with the common goal to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of those around them. They step out of their Momentum experience motivated, inspired, and connected to new lifelong friends – not only from their communities, but from around the world."

Charlie Harary

Ex Officio,
Men's Council Liaison
"There are few programs that have a greater impact on their participants as Momentum. Men from all backgrounds and denominations come on MoMENtum Men's Trips and leave profoundly impacted. The inspiration, education, and insights they gain affect them not just for the next weeks, months, or even years, but for decades to come – inspiring themselves, their families, and future generations."

In 2008, eight Jewish women from different walks of life, affiliations, observance, and ages  came together to make a difference. They agreed that it was time to empower and inspire women with the rich beauty of their Jewish heritage, and Momentum was born.